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The booklets that follow are pre-General Service Conference approved A.A. Literature, they are no longer in use. The main purpose of these documents are to help fellow researchers learn the history of A.A. they should not be used for any other purpose.

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The booklets that follow come from a local AA’s Alcoholics Anonymous memorabilia collection.


A.A.Tradition "Our experience has taught us"

The A.A. Traditions debuted in 1946 through the A.A. Grapevine, the booklet that follows was published in 1947

"How shall we AA's best preserve our unity? That is the subject of this booklet"

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Sedatives Are they an AA problem?

In this booklet, published in 1947 you will find a variety of discussions on the menaces of prescription drugs of that time. One of the main focuses of this booklet was to inform AA’s of the dangers of giving people sleeping pills to help them with the shakes when going on 12th step calls.

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Medicine looks at Alcoholics Anonymous

In this booklet, presented to the Medical Society in 1944, you will find a description of our fellowship and program of recovery. You’ll also find studies and writings of early doctors approving of Alcoholics Anonymous as well as a section on what medicine and religion told the Alcoholic of that time, you’ll also find a comparison on similarities between Medicine and Religion.

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